NYX Arabia: love you so mochi

NYX the famous American makeup brand, was created back in 2010 by Toni Ko in Los Angeles. It is also part of the L’Oréal cosmetics family.

The new collection entitled “Love You So Mochi” dropped on February 8th 2018 at City Center Beirut, just in time for Valentine’s Day. It includes new pallets with shimmery finishes alongside a plush color eye shadow, as well as a new powder puff lippie, which is a pillow cushion application for powdery lips.


The first 50 people present got a new lip pouch as well as a lip liner from the new collection. Spending 60.000 LBP would award customers with a makeup pouch while spending 90.000 LBP would include a free makeup session.

Several social media influencers took part of the campaign that was shared mostly on the social media platform, Instagram. The present attendees included Karl Abi Aad – a foodie blogger, Tamara Farra – a fashion stylist, Rita El Hage – a fashion TV presenter on the MTV show “Hashtag”, Yara Ghabris Dandah a digital influencer, and Mlle. Paola – a makeup artist.

The event was meant for bloggers, as a thank you for their participation in the campaign. There were several treats for them, including a makeup gift pack, and a chance to win several items included on a spinning wheel. As for the dessert, there was a wall filled with tiny donuts and some Japanese deserts called Moshi, also known as the name of the new collection.


Attendees had the chance to meet the micro-influencers while getting their pictures taken in front of a wall filled with balloons. The festivities went on till 9p.m at the Mall.

Digital influencers featured the event on their personal social media pages, including pictures with fans, which spread the word vastly regarding the new collection. It was a wonderful and successful launching indeed.




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