Grand Cinemas’ newest branch in ABC Verdun has gala opening.

BEIRUT: Yesterday’s opening night, Grand Cinemas’ slogan “Always Entertaining” came to life among the entertainers who turned the lobby into a world of fantasy.

“The event was the grandest cinema experience I ever took part of, ranging from the theater setup, to the entertainment, to the people attending,” social media maven, Christina Karam Ramia, told Annahar.

The legacy of Charlie Chaplin was brought back to life by an impersonator; and King Arthur’s sword glinted in the motionless hands of a semi-nude man painted in gold. A lady dressed as a ballerina was spinning and dancers were swaying with DJ Mini-B’s music. Thirst was quenched by an open bar and laughter was echoing the thronged lobby of the Cinema.

Many fashion icons were present at the opening, such as Rita El Hajj, Carla Haddad, and Cynthia Abou Nassar.

The Verdun branch is the 6th in Lebanon and the biggest one yet.

In the waiting room your gaze cannot escape the enormous LCD screen, the largest in Lebanon.

The new complex features an MX4D Theater with Dolby Atmos sound, the first in the Middle East.

A VIP movie theater along with more spacious club seats is also accessible.

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