Plastic or Cosmetic?

Do you think that plastic and cosmetic surgery are the same? Well they aren’t.

You see, there are two different types of procedures. Plastic surgery is when a patient needs a facial or body reconstruction due to birth defects, trauma or burns whereas cosmetic surgery is focused on increasing one’s appearance. It can improve appearance and symmetry. It includes breast enhancement, facial and skin rejuvenation, facial and body contouring.

More precisely, cosmetic surgery is very common and most patients that undergo it feel the need to in order to fix their physical appearance. As Dr.Mendelson said according to the telegraph magazine “For many people it’s about getting their confidence back”.

Dr.Mendelson's quote and expertise shared with us by the Telegraph UK.
Dr.Mendelson’s quote and expertise shared with us by the Telegraph UK.

Of course, when a patient has insecurities, no matter his/her age, they desire surgery in order to feel better about themselves. Most people who get cosmetic surgery are women, in fact 91% of all procedures were done by them leaving 9% to men. This difference in percentage is explained by how, in general, women are more prone to take care of their outer appearance. It is also why they take a lot of time to get ready and carry a mirror with them daily.

Ladies and looks
Ladies and looks

However, sometimes cosmetic surgery goes too far, for example the Human Barbie and Ken Doll exist. It’s a couple obsessed with the dolls that they spent billions of dollars trying to look like them. Their real names are Valeria Lukyanova and Justin Jedlica. Vis-à-vis the Hollywood platform, many celebrities had surgery done and it didn’t go well.

First off, Michael Jackson; having been uncomfortable and unaccepted by his skin color, had several cosmetic surgeries done in order to change his skin color. A couple of celebrities who ruined their look because of surgery are Donatella Versace, Heidy Montag (who did an interview stating how cosmetic surgery ruined her) Renée Zellweger (who looks unrecognizable) Rose McGowan and many others.

Also in 2015 Bruce Jenner (currently Caitlyn Jenner of the Kardashian clan) transformed into a woman. Moreover, his daughter Kylie Jenner faced several twitter attacks regarding the lip fillers she got at the age of barely 17.

Has it gone too far? Most of these famous people look terrifying now.
Yes, you feel better about yourself but what if your surgeon isn’t a certified professional doctor? Would you risk not only spending a huge sum of money but also, having your normal usual appearance ruined for the rest of your life? I believe you should think twice about this significant event that’s going to affect you. People have opinions about everything and judge no matter what. It is important for the patient or anyone thinking about changing their appearance to think if they’re ready to face these comments and circumstances. Plastic and Cosmetic surgery are viewed as “shameful, shallow and wretched”.

It is your body and you decide what to do with it, everyone has insecurities but looks aren’t everything. You should love yourself and your appearance; there are more important things than outer beauty.


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