Music VS Originality

I’m guessing whenever you hop in your car to go anywhere; you most probably turn on the radio weather it’s for distraction or just to listen to songs. The tunes vary from classical to pop, RnB, jazz, blues and even rap.

This acronym stands for “Rhythm and Poetry” which is a type of popular music where words are recited rapidly over an electronic instrumental backing. It’s sad to say that this style of music is no longer poetry but a way to speak demeaning words. To name a few successful artists nowadays that feature Rap music are 50-Cent, Snoop Dogg, Flo Rida, Jason Derulo, Eminem and many more. These songwriters have influenced young generations with lyrics that are disturbing and immoral.

For example 50-cent’s “Candy Shop” song states that he took a girl the candy shop and she aroused him in a sexual way, Snoop Dogg’s “Smoke Weed Everyday” hit needs no synopsis on what the song is about thanks to the explicit title. Flo Rida also released a song in 2012 named “Whistle” which stresses the man’s sexual part.

Some shots of Flo Rida’s music video “Whistle”

As for Jason Derulo, his hit ft. Snoop Dogg “Wiggle” encourages women to shake their bottoms. Eminem has produced and released many albums, most of which emphasize rap songs where the words “kill, slut, whore, hate, ass, rape” are very much existing. Rape is a very strong word and is something most girls fear and despise. The fact that Eminem even released a song entitled “Medicine Man ft Dr.Dre” where he says “I even make the b****es I rape c*m” provoked a wave of backlash from anti-violence groups and amongst Twitter users. Rape is a very sensible topic that mustn’t be flaunted in such a demeaning way in a rap song.
Despite all these disturbing lyrics, the music videos are even more provocative. They advertise beautiful women and use them to promote their sexual parts in a voluptuous way to attract viewers, which is very degrading.

Songs have shifted nowadays; if you listen carefully all of them have the same beat and the same repetitive soundtrack. This emphasizes the lack of originality and uniqueness that was once available. Commercial songs are now triumphing the media and they are filled with worthless lyrics that encourage bad behavior.

Where did the deep meaning and inspiration of songs go? Personally when I listen to music, I want the lyrics to speak to me and touch my soul rather than be silly lyrics that have no meaning and are just there to rhyme without significance.

Music industries should be aware of what they are producing because it is influencing the young generation and giving them a bad example of lifestyle and habits. Music has become more about image than about talent, which is why the TV program “The Voice” got very high ratings when it first came out because it concentrated on sound rather than looks.

However, Rap songs are very popular but also very disturbing if the listener isn’t media literate and doesn’t know when to place a limit between himself and what he’s listening to; a limit where he knows it is just a song rather than an example to be followed. Media literacy is something essential and if it is present, people will be able to recognize personal and corporate and agendas, and will be empowered to speak out on behalf of the missing voices.

Education is key.


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